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Welcome To UDLA

We had a great Annual Meeting on May 8th. Thank you to all our speakers, sponsors, attendees, award winners and guests for an eduational and informative day. To see photos of the award receipients, click here

Don't forget to register for our Construction Defect Litigation CLE on June 5th.

Awards and Annual Meeting

Congratulations to Anna Nelson for winning our Horizon Award and to Pete Petersen for winning our Legacy Award. We also want to thank Dunn & Dunn and especially Susan Black Dunn and Mark Dunn for accepting an honorary Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of the late Tim Dalton Dunn. It was a moving presentation.

Upcoming events

05 Jun 2015 12:00 PM • The New Yorker, 60 West Market St., Salt Lake City, Utah

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Wins, News and Current Events

Congratualtions Kent Holmberg for your promotion as the Torts Section Director for the Litigation Division at the Utah Attorney General's Office!

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Welcome to our newest UDLA members:

Jason DeForest

Alan R. Houston

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